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Why Choose Absolute MBA?


Experience. We have worked as MBA admissions consultants for over a decade in both the U.S. and East Asia and helped hundreds gain admissions at the world's most prestigious programs. Our free book and strategy guide will show you why we are successful.


Knowledge. We strongly encourage potential clients to read our book and use our application and essay guide before requesting our consulting services. The book and guide will demonstrate that we understand admissions and helps us speak the same language. Why spend thousands, when you can use a free book and guide that can adequately help you?


100% track record. All of our clients have received at least one admissions. Most have received several. The Admissions methodology we created, which is explained in our free book, is the reason why we are able to replicate results 100% of the time.


Client Focused. We are devoted to our clients. If you we are fortunate to work with each other, you will experience a high level of customer service, attention, and professionalism. We are here for you plain and simple. For this reason, our spaces fill very quickly each round.


Transparency. There will be no surprises. Transparency is the reason why we wrote our free book and two guides. The products explain exactly how we operate and the approach we will take toward building your application strategy.